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Ballerina 3D card

Ballerina 3D card


The light pink cover of this ballerina pop-up card features a ballerina en pointe outfitted in a leotard and a tutu that teases a performance to come inside the card.

Open the Ballerina Card to reveal an on stage ballet performance. A pointe ballerina is dressed in an all white outfit complete with a tutu. She is elegantly poised with her arms extended in opposition in front of and behind her.

Behind the dancer are two swans facing each other in front of a floral lattice structure that decorates the stage. Detailed rose flower embellishments decorate two inner corners of the card.

Inspiration for the Ballerina Pop-Up Dance Card:

We try to create cards that not only impress, but also inspire. This card was made for the aspiring ballerina or dancer or any dreamer with goals they wish to pursue.

Occasions for the 3D Pop-Up Ballerina Dance Card:

Congratulate the ballet dancer you know for a successful ballet recital. Encourage them with this fun card to pursue pointe ballet. Or if you happen to be throwing a ballerina birthday party, this perfect pink card is a beautiful invitation.


The Ballerina Pop-Up Card is 5 inches wide by 7 inches tall.


One beautiful Lovepop card with envelope.