The Roses can Last 1year (Premium Dark Blue Roses with Glossy White box)

Premium Roses

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What is a preserved rose?

Preserved roses are real flowers after being treated with harmless and non-toxic chemicals. The preserved roses are treated in a scientific process to stay fresh for more than 6 months. The preserved roses have totally different characteristics from artificial flowers, Preserved roses keeps the tissue ,freshness and moisture of the original flower. 

How to preserve roses for longer?

The best humidity for keeping the roses is 40%~70%. Also the ideal temperature is 60°F~85°F. Keep roses away from water and sunlight. better keep in the original box. Avoid touching the flowers too much. If the roses are in contact with water, use a light cold blow of a hair dryer to get rid of the water. You can also use this method for getting dust off the roses. Do not take the roses off the box.